With over 15 years’ experience in a variety of private and public situations, Sarah Rutter Counselling is on hand to assist with a variety of personal and psychological difficulties from our consulting rooms in South Croydon.

I specialise in the treatment and rehabilitation of a wide variety of situations, including relationship counselling.

Although it is often considered to be the counselling of two people in a relationship, and although it can indeed refer to this, relationship counselling can be of help for any kind of relationship from families to employees and their employers, colleagues, friends and former couples who want to maintain a relationship for the sake of their children or shared families.

A poor relationship can damage the self-esteem and value of each of the people involved as well as damaging the actual bond between them.

The aim with any kind of relationship counselling is to break old habits and learn to look at the situation from a different perspective, and throughout the course of relationship counselling, I can provide valuable assistance aimed at improving your situation.

Relationship counselling can help to identify the bad behaviours and can introduce negotiation and communication to help both parties better manage their situation.

Without prompt attention, relationship issues can start to have wider consequences including; bullying, abuse and destructive behaviour and can affect those around the people involved.

The important thing to remember is that very few relationships are “beyond help”, and if both parties want to help the relationship and better it then counselling for the relationship, as well as individually with both parties if and where necessary can turn a relationship which is dysfunctional into something much more healthy and functional for all of the people involved.

To discuss the many ways that counselling Purley could help to provide a healthy solution for your relationship problems, contact Sarah Rutter Counselling today.


Some of the areas I cover include:


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